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Credema IO helps start-ups present themselves to the public and enter their target market. Whether it’s through a brand identity, develop a website, research contacts, or collect market data, we provide the essential tools and expertise to strategically manage your data driven business.

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At Credema, we use the latest technologies and best practices to deliver top-notch digital services from graphic design to full-stack programming. Our international team combines cost-efficient human resources to provide high-quality results at great value. Plus, we offer multilingual support to ensure smooth communication with our global clients. Choose for reliable, efficient, and innovative digital solutions tailored to your needs.

what do we do?

  • Graphic Design and Brand Identity
  • Strategy & Content Development
  • Programming & Integrations
  • Data Research & Analysis

secure and efficient cms expertise

At Credema IO, we specialize in delivering expertise that merges efficient template-based coding with highly secure Content Management System (CMS) environments. Our approach ensures maximum security for your digital assets by implementing robust coding practices within CMS frameworks. We prioritize efficiency without compromising on security, providing tailored solutions that safeguard your data and operations effectively.

digital transformation begins with data

Through creation, development & marketing


Data Strategy


Data Collection


Data Analysis

Our Team

manik jolly

web master & programmer

kilian grossmann

project manager

lucy pili

data manager

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